Project description


project co-financed
from European Funds
entitled "Internationalization of the company on the

The aim of the project is to introduce to new markets
foreign markets for the company's products .

Planned effects;

1.Purchase of a comprehensive consulting service that will
will help to introduce and promote the company on the market
British market.

The consulting service will include: preparation of a strategy
marketing for the British market, website design
websites, consulting service for
search and selection of potential contractors
and establishing contacts with UK companies
UK, development of regulations for commercial services
commercial services and product warranties,
preparation of promotional materials, services
translation of materials and printing of catalogs.

2. organization of participation in the fair in JANUARY
FURNITURE SHOW - United Kingdom on the date.
January 22 - 25, 2023r

Value of the project: 370 000.00 PLN

EU funding for the project: 314 500.00 PLN